Qatar to ratify UN convention on women

Doha: (Millennium Hotel: Agencies: 21/2/2009): QATAR is expected to ratify the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) soon, according to an adviser at the National Human Rights Committee.

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Govt to ratify UN convention on women

By Anwar Elshamy –

QATAR is expected to ratify the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) soon, according to an adviser at the National Human Rights Committee. Continue reading

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O?U�O�U�O? O�U�U�U�U�U?O� O�U�O?O�O?USO� O�U�O?O?U?O?USO� O�U�USU?U� O�U�O�U�USO? O�U�O�O�U�US O?O?O� U�U� U?O?O�O�USO� O?U�O�USO�U�O� O�U�O?U?U� U�O?O�U� O�U�U?U� O�U�O?U�O?O�U�. U?O?O�U?O� O�U�U�USO�O� O�U�U?O�U�USO� U�O�U�U?U� O�U�O?U�O?O�U� O?U�U�O� O?O?O?O? U�O�O� O�U�O?U�O�USO� O?O�U�O?O?O�U?U� U�O? O�U�USO? O�U�O�U�O�O? O�U�O�U?U?U�USO� U?O�U�O?USO� O�U?U?U�USO� O?U�O� O?U�U�O� U�U� O?O�U?O� O?O?U�O�O? O?U�U? O�U�O�U�O�O?. U?USU�O? O?U�O�USO� O�U�U�USO�O� U?US 26 O�U?O�O� U?USU�U�O?U� O?U�U� O?O?O?O� O?U�O?O�U� O�O�USO?USO� O?O?U�O�U?U� O�U�U�USO�U?U� O�U�O�O?U�USO� U?O�U�U�O�O�O�USO� O�O�O? O�U�O?U�O�U�O� O?O�U�U?U� O�U�O?U�O?O�U� U?O�U�O?O�O�O�O?O�O? O�U�U�O?O�O�O� U?US U�O�O� O�U�O?O?U� O?O�O?O? O�U�O?O?U?O�U�USO�O? O�U�O?U?U�USO� O�U�O?US O�U�O�U�O? O?U�USU�O� O�U�U�U�U�U?O� U?U�US U?O�U�O?O�U�US: O?O?U?O�U�USO� O�U�U?U� O�U�O�U?U�O? O?O?U?O�U�USO� U�U�O�U�O�O� O�U�O?O?O�USO?O? O?O?U?O�U�USO� O�U�U�O�O�O? O?U�U� O�U�USO? O?O?U?O�U� O�U�O?U�USUSO? O�U�O?U�O�O�US U?O�O?U?O�U�USO� O�U�U�O�O�O? O?U�U� O�U�USO? O?O?U?O�U� O�U�O?U�USUSO? O�O? O�U�U�O�O?O�A� O�U�O?USO?O�U?. Pills

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U?U�O? U?U?O? O�U�U�U�U�U?O� U?US U�O�U�O? O�U�U?U� O�U�O?U�O?O�U� O?O�U�O?U�U� O�U�U�O?O�O?O� U?US O�U�USU? O?U�O? generic requip appearance cheap diarex pills O�U�O�U�O?U�O�O?O�O? O�U�O?US U?O�U�O?U�O� O?O?O� O�U�O?U?U� O?O?O?U� O?U?O�O�O? O�U�U�O�O?O�. U?U�O�U� U�O�O�O? O�O�USO? O�U�U?U?O? O�U�O?U?O?U?O� O?USO? O�U�O�O?USU� U�U� “O�U�U?O�U�” O?U� O�U�U?U?O? O?O?O? O?U�U� O?U� O?U�O?U�O� O�U�O?O?U?O?USO� U?O?O?O�USO?O�O?U�O� O�U�U�O? O�U�O�U�U?U� U�U�U�O�O?O� U?O�U�O�O�U� O?U�U� O�U�O?U?O�O?O? U�O�U?O?O�U� O?U�U� O?U� O�U�O�U�O?U�O�U?O�O? O�U�O?US O?O�O?O� O?U�U�O� O�U�O?O?O� U?O�O?USO� U?O?O?O?O�O?U�O� U�O?O?O?O?O�.
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O�U�O?USO�O? U�O?O�O�USO� U�O?U�O�U�USO� O?O?USO? O?U�O�O�O� U�U�U? O�U�U�O?O�O? O�U?O? O�U�O?O�U?O?O�O? O?U�U� O�U�O�O?U?O�U�USO� O�U�O?U?U�USO� U�U�U�O�O�O? O?U�U� U?O�U?O� O?O?U?O�U� O�U�O?U�USUSO? O�O? O�U�U�O�O?O�


U?U?O�U?O? U?O?O�U�USO�O? U�O?O�O�USO� U�U� U�O�U� O�U�O�U�O?USO�O?, U?US U�U�O�O? O?O?U�O�U�US U�O?U�O?U� O?U�O? O�U�O�U�O?O�, U�O�U�U?O?O� O�U�O?O?O�O�O� U?O�U�O?O?O�USO? U�U�O?U�U� O�U�O?U�U�U?US O?U�U�O� (O�U�O?O?U?U?O�) O?O?USO�U?O? O�O�O?U?O�O? O?O�U�U�O?O�O?, U�O�O�O� O�U�O�U�O� O�U�U�U�U? O?U� “O�U�O�O�U?O� O�U�O�O�O�O?O�” U?US O�U�O?O�U�U� O�U�O?O�O?US order florinef mechanism .

CEDAW: Morocco Lifts Reservations

Women’s rights do not “concern women alone, but also men”, said Rabih Al Shaer, advisor to Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities Ziad Baroud. He called on Lebanese women to “take responsible actions either in running for, or casting their votes in, the upcoming parliamentary elections with full consciousness and liberty”.