U�O?U�O�U�:O�O?O�O�USO� O?O?U?U� O?U?O�O�O? O�U�O?U?O?USU?U? U�O?O�O�U�O? O?O�U� O�U�U�O�O?O� O?O�U�O�U�O?USO�


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O�U�O�U�O�O�O�O?: 27 U�USO?O�U� 2010

U?US U�U�O�U�O� O�U�O?U?O?USU?U?O? O?U�O�O? U�O�U� O�U�O�O?O�O�USO� O�U�O?US O?U�O?O�O� U�O�U� O�U�U�O�O?O� O�U�U�O?U�O�U�USO� U?US U�U�O� O�U�O?USO?U�O� U�O?O�O�U�O�O?U�O�O? O?U?O�U�O� U?O?U?U�O�O?U�O�.
O�O?U� O?O?O?USO�US USU�O?U? O?U�U� O?O�U?USO� O�U�O?U�U� O�U�U?O�U�O? O?O?U?O�O� O�U�O�O�U� U�O?O�O?O�O� U?U?O�U?O�O�U�O? U�U�U� O?O�US O?U�USU� O�U�U�O�U�O?O? U?O?O�O?USO?O�U� O?U�U� O�U�O?U�O�O�. O?U�U� O�O�U�O?U�O? O?O?O� O�O?U� O?O�U�O?O?U?O? U?O�U�O?O�U�O�O? O?U�O�O? O?U�U� O�U�O?U?U�USO?O? USO?O?O�O�O� O?O?O�O� O�U�U�O� A�O�U�O?USO?US O�U� U�US U?U�O?O?O�O?USA�. Continue reading

O?U?U� O�O�U?O� O?U�U� O�O�USU� O�U�O?U�U? U�USU� U�O�U? O?U?U�O� O�U�O�U�U?U� U?O�U�U�O?O�U?O�O�…..”O?O�O�U�O� O?U�O�U�O� U�O�O�U�U�O�”OY

O?U?U�U?O? O�U�U�O� O�U�O?USO?US O�U� U�US U?U�O?O?O�O?US O?U�O? “O�O�U?O� O�U�U�O�O�U�U�O�” O�U�O?US O?U�O?U� O?U�USU�O� U�O�U�O? O�U�U?O?O�O�O? U?US O�U�O?O?U� O�U�O?US O�U�O?U�O?O? U?US 21 U�USO?O�U� 2010 ” O?U�U?O�U?U�O?U� O?U�U� U�O?O�U?O? U�O�O?U?U� USO�U�US O�U�U� O?U�O?USU� O�U�O?O�U?U� O�U�U� U�O?U�O�U� U?O�U�O�U�O�U�O� U?USU� U?O�U�O�O�U?O� U�U�U�O? U�O�U�O� O�O�O�U?O� U�O� USU�O�US O?U�U�O� O?U?O� O�U�U�O?U�O�U�USO� O�U�O�O�U�O?US O�U�O�U�O� O?O?O? O�U�U�O�O�O? O?U�O� O?U�U� O?U?O�O�U� U�U�U�O�O? U?O�U?U�O�O? O�U�U�O?U�O�U�USO� U�U� O?U?O� O�O�U�O?US O?U?O�O? U?O�U�U?O� O�O�O?O?USU� O�U� U�O�O�O�USU�O? USO?U�U�U?U� O�U? U�O� USO?U�U�U?U�O? O?U�U�O�U�U� O�U�O�U�O� U�O�O�U�U�O� U�O�U�O? O�U?USU� O?O�U� O�U�U� 3 O?U�U?O�O? “.


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Lebanon: Mount Lebanon Appeals Court convenes to deliberate nationality case

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Daily Star – Wednesday, April 14, 2010 a�� Local News – Youssef Diab

BEIRUT: Dozens of activists gathered Tuesday in front of the Mount Lebanon Appeals Court in Jdeideh as the court convened to decide whether or not a Lebanese woman could pass her nationality to her children.

The appeals court fixed May 18 as the date to issue its verdict in the case of Samira Soueidan and her contested right to pass her Lebanese nationality to her children. Continue reading